250k Hks - Level 1 twink - Oné by RestGamer
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Turalyon ( Cyclone )
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Youtube Channel - www.youtube.com/user/RestGamer

Hello, this is Oné from Turalyon EU getting the 250k Honorable Kills achievement at Level 1. I did this using 20 Trial Accounts that I levelled to level 5, and killed them over and over again at a graveyard. This has been nerfed before, making it more time-consuming. I got help by a friend and I also used another account that I used Scroll of Ressurection on. Because of the Honorless Target debuff (which lasts for 44 seconds), you'll have to wait 45 seconds between each kill. I used the multiboxing-software Keyclone to make all the trial accounts use the spirit healer at the same time.

This is the macro I used:
/run RepopMe()RetrieveCorpse()
/target Spirit Healer
/run AcceptXPLoss()

Using this method I got between 1000-1200 HK's per hour.

Two Steps From Hell - Hunter's Moon
Blackmill - In The Night of Wilderness

Thanks, Oné - Turalyon EU

Haters gonna hate :)
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