Lunarion 1 - Hunting Grounds by Lunari0n
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Antonidas ( Todbringer )
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Hi gamers!

My "name" is Lunarion. I play WoW since vanilla and ONLY with my Hunter (no twinks). So i thought it's time to make a little PvP-Movie for my friends, guild and of course for all who are interested in hunter gameplay outside the arena, by a "common" guy.

This is my first WoW movie. The video is exactly 00:20:48 long and won't show you any arena gameplay. It's a pure Battleground-Movie!
The hunter is on level 85 with a Marksman (MM) spec.
7/31/3 -> to have more fun in battlegrounds.
The Itemlevel change between 392 and 401.


- Inner Universe
- I'm a Hunter
- Sweet Archipelago - Mike Cyr
- Still alive
- Close to the edge

How i made the movie?
I used Xfire to record the clips and VirtualDub to convert them into an .avi file, in case of my video-cut programm, which could'nt read the Xfire-codec. My video-cut programm is called VideoPad.
The size is maybe a bit strange, but it's a result of my screen.

... but why i choosed this programms?
With this choice of programms i could make a movie for 0/$
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