LvL 85 Pandaren Monk soloing Wise Mari in Temple of the Jade Serpent Regular. by bozoben
Class: Unknown | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Ravenholdt ( Whirlwind )
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I played this Monk for about 10 minutes before I got the idea to see how he went up against elites. So i went into the first instance and by the time I knew it, I was standing in front of the First boss. Next thing I knew he was dead and I had not frapsed it, so I went back and started. The fraps and game crashed multiple times from recording and actually caused me to wipe two times so I went back and started again where I left off and this is where I got. (killed him 3 times in tottal.) the fight in itself was kinda boring but its regular, I still believe it should not be solo-able just yet, planing on trying with my blood DK soon. this video is also to show the capabilities of the Monk as a tank at lvl 85 this is early beta and does not represent the class at release in any way seeing as anything can change. it is also only normal and one boss so should not be considered a tromindous feat seeing as it wasnt that hard in the first place. it's speed is increased to 150% of normal to decrease its run time and not be "THAT" boring tho boring it is none the less. ENJOY! this character is also a premade I did in no way level this character from lvl1.

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Protiac - Cookie
Protiac - Collision Course
Celldweller - I Can't Wait (Protiac remix)

Bumps to the kid for his music at only 15 hes not that bad:

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