Shadowpriest Solo: Shantál vs Alysrazor (REAL solo kill) by Shantal
Class: Priest | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Al'Akir ( Blackout )
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TwoThirds - Bring it Back
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skype: "wtfgodlike" for spriest questions

I went with 3/3 Empowered Healing only to ensure my survival, since DPS was not really much of an issue. I mainly had it in my spec because i dealt differently with the harsh winds (the debuff/damage you get when not inside the area during the tornado phase) in my previous tries. With the Cookie Cutter spec you can probably do it in one tornado phase if you play well.

Self buffs
4% BoK (drums)
Int flask
Int food

I thought about this 2 days ago when I couldn't sleep and was wondering why there weren't any solo kills except for mages zerging it with a mad combustion, so I gave it a try!

It took me about 3 hours worth of tries to figure out how to deal with everything so it does not bug/kill you. In this particular attempt, I actually made quite a few mistakes as I was quite unfocused due to being mad that I'd wiped at 400k on the previous try.
This fight is quite easy, if you know how to deal with stuff - I'm almost certain I can one shot it next week.

Trash: I killed the trash on my Protection Warrior, it's very easy, the birds will do the damage and kill the casters, themselves and the eggs. The trash event up to Rhyolith is very simple, you just run trough everything, engage the miniboss and die - there's no need to kill anything.

The boss:
First of all the bugs: as you can see in the video I pick up the third feather when the boss is already in the air. The reason behind this is that the boss will despawn if no one is close to the ground before he is in the air completely. This is also the case for molting: there's no need to stay on the ground. It's fine if you are just following the rings, but you need to make sure you are flying downwards right away after you've picked up the last ring in the air.

The adds won't attack as long you aren't very close to the ground.

There are a few more tricks:
1) As you can see in the video you can get 2 stacks from a ring if you are right in it when it spawns and when it ends.
2) There are always 3 rings in the same position relative to the boss before it changes. The first position after every ground phase is always to the right of the boss, the rest are random, you should get at least 1 extra buff per 3 orbs, but if you are doing it perfectly and/or have luck with predicting the random ones you can get a ring every 2.
3) when he does Molting you can theoretically get 6 buffs from the 3 rings he does, but you need to be extremely precise (+2 extra is relatively easy to get).
4) After you got 25 stacks just focus on your dpsing, and that you keep the flying buff up.
5) Do not use your shadowfiend at all, it will cause more issues (f.ex. the adds moving position and aggroing you in tornado phase) than it does good.

A mistake that I made was that I moved out instantly when the boss went down and enters the tornado phase, this resulted in getting more "harsh wind" stacks which was close to unhealable (I managed it 1-2 times with luck) after I noticed that it takes longer for the wings to get canceled I stayed in as long as I could while still keeping it safe (don't over-optimize this or adds will most likely rape your face) - stay cool and DPS as much as possible. With that it was really easy healing it, but I still played it safe: berserking + divine hymn at first tornado phase, you'll gain an insane amount of ticks and the +20% healing received, when it gets hard to heal, I used greater heal since it healed a fuck ton with the spec + the divine hymn buff. For the last seconds just use Dispersion when you are sure you will reduce all the remaining ticks with it. For the second tornado phase I used Greater Heal + potion.
there are 2 reasons why I stayed close to the bossat the start: First because I could dps it from there while stacks where still low and because I had some weird bugs otherwise.

When you are done healing just back off because for some reason adds can randomly aggro you when the 2 channelers spawn - but don't back off too far otherwise the boss will bug out. Just make sure that when the boss is moving up to you that you move as far back as you can, so you only eat 1 hit + the explosion. DO NOT get thrown into the trash!

Shadowfiend + Fade doesn't work, just be on 100% when the boss reaches you and you'll be fine.
Other than that it pretty much repeats all over again.

I hope this was somewhat helpful and will try HC next week!
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