Necroller Destruction Duels(tBC) by Necroller
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Black Scar ( Flurry )
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Hi, this is TBC destruction duels movie and as I enjoy "brain PvP" with the friends. I stoped to play the World of Warcraft in offecial realms after a cataclysm because PvP became boring and simple. Solved will return to times of tBC when PvP demanded experience and skill instead of facerolling on the keyboard in wtlk and cata.
So maby not all here like new destrolock movies...imp, FF spam, spell hast, oversoftcontrast and metallcore, stuppid machinima with brutal undeads...most of this broken classic destruction pvp playstyle, so let me try to show you some classic destruction, just follow me and my game friends to the past and enjoy :)
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