For Lordaeron - Patch 4.3.X by bruteRISK
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The memory of the Forsaken's treachery at Wrathgate, Thrallís occupation forces guard the ruins of Lordaeron.

As the Cataclysm quiets, Alliance and Horde take time to collect their forces -- preparing for another round in their endless conflict.

When communications from the Orc Ambassador in the Undercity abruptly cease, War Chief Garrosh suspects yet another Forsaken betrayal. He swiftly orders Horde forces to invade and pacify the Forsaken capital.

When Alliance scouts report a mass of enemy gunships sweeping across the Tirisfal Coast, King Wrynn musters his own army to meet the Horde in the ruins of Lordaeron and crush all enemies as they engage in a civil war in an urban setting.
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