The tribute (Warrior PvP) by VxVash
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Feathermoon ( Cyclone )
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Okay, so first off I'm gonna answer a few questions some may have.

Who is this a tribute to?
Swifty. He was always a big inspiration for me to learn and be better on my warrior. And make videos! Though I just didn't have the drive to learn back then.

Whats the name of the song?
The song is a cover of the Duke Nukem Jam by a fellow youtuber named Vertexguy
Credit where credit is due you can find his channel here

Your crits are low.
I know. Did what I could with the gear that I had. I'm not in top tier gear on my warrior yet sadly =\

Wasn't he prot in the video that inspired you to make this?
Yes he was, and that was back in ARP Prot was a viable spec.

So this video came from one of his.
Yes and no. The inspiration came from a video he made back in wrath with ARP prot spec. I couldn't remember all of it but I remembered some key parts that I really liked and served as inspiration to make this, and all clips are of me.

Overall this is just not a show of skill or anything like that. I just wanted to make a video for fun, and it helped me learn some new skills for editing. Nobody really makes WoW videos anymore for the fun of it, and the entertainment it gave its viewers. I'm just trying to bring that back!

Just a new editor trying to get his foot in the door on this editing bit :) Swifty's channel
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