The Cliss and Shorty Show ep. 1 by Cliss
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Arena Tournament
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Movie Summary
Welcome to the first addition of the Cliss and Shorty Show.

1. This is not a display of skill.
2. I have limited sony vegas skills.
3. If you don't like the video please comment what could be better rather than trolling.
4. This is a joke just incase you didnt pick up on that... now you know.

My Youtube channel has 1080p available!!

This week we cover how to never be fooled by those sneaky double dps teams who act like they don't want to kill the priest when everyone knows they do. (you know they wanted me).

Then we cover how useful the evocation glyph is when playing double dps. The mage forgets to glyph it and definitely pays the ultimate price... (only loses like 7 rating).

The last two clips we cover how you should never let your dps die because its impossible to kill anything as a healer. I then demonstrate how effective keeping your dps alive can be and we win.

The rogue in these clips is a buddy of mine. Click the link to watch him carry other people.

Hope you enjoy it!! Subscribe so you get notified when I post the next episode!!!
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