Zeo 3 by Zeolite
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Quel'Thalas ( Conviction )
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Zeolite's Arena Team 1
Leek Romp Zeolite
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Zeolite's Arena Team 3
Leek Twaggy Zeolite
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Hey, this is my third movie featuring footage from the WOTLK Arena-Tournament Realm (you can find out about how to join this at www.Arena-tournament.com)
And level 85 footage from the arena pass realm on live.


- 3v3 on the arena pass realm, Warrior/Mage/Priest footage against a few of the higher teams queueing at the time, some multiple 2900+ experienced opponents.

-2v2 Footage on the arena tournament realm ranging from 2k-2.5k mmr in the early weeks of the season, also consisting of 2500-2900 xp players.

Not to expect:

-World PvP, battlegrounds and duels, I did have some clips but in the current importance of gear in PvP it was something I personally didn't consider special/entertaining :D.

That being said I do hope people enjoy this movie as much as I enjoyed making it, thanks alot for watching this and a special thanks to Romp Lincie Leek and Twaggy for being great partners.

Tracklist (in order) for those interested: (Also shown at the end of the movie)

Woodkid - Iron
Blue Stahli - Corner
Linkin Park - Runaway (Instrumental)
Rise Against - Behind Closed Doors
Linkin Park - Given Up (Instrumental)
Kasabian - Underdog
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