F2P Trial lvl 20 PvP. New WoW by DubbsBegins
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : US - Norgannon ( Stormstrike )
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Hello everyone. This is Free-to-play World of Warcraft. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed the video, please read this.


I made videos about F2P WoW for about 4months now and I am enjoying it a lot. My main goal as of now with making videos is to make the trial wow community bigger and better. I am seeing more and more people asking me about trial wow and many of them are probably playing right now. Now, I am stepping a little farther. I want to make this trial wow bracket (lvl20-24) almost as big as every twinking brackets combined (including lvl 19). To achieve this goal, it will not be possible with just using YouTube itself. So I decided to promote myself here.
I have been making feral druid videos but now, I will be making rogue vids for a while. If you want to see Some Feral Druid action, check out some of my old videos on my YouTube Channel
I am making videos every week and make sure to subscribe if you want more of my videos :)

YouTube Channel

Personal and what you can do as a trial-

I love to make videos about what I love to do and WoW was a big thing for me. I played WoW since vanila all the way through the WotLK and then I quit. 2 months after that, I tried the 10day trial wow just to play a little for a week. That was when the Druid Dubbs was born.
When cataclysm launched, Blizzard made trial WoW free to play forever.
So the account I made as a trial back in WotLK was free to play. Since then, I played free trial WoW.
Now, you might be thinking "But you can't do anything as trial". While this can be true if you are playing WoW for its PvE contents, PvP as a trial is pretty decent. I always loved PvP of WoW and I always wanted to make videos about it. As a trial, you can get BoA gears through honor points and Darkmoon Faire tickets. And the best part is, is that you can do lvl 20 Arenas using Wargames feature.

I really thank you for reading this and if you want help me grow this community, please do support my channel and the F2P community forum.
And also share this to your friends and family :)


Have a nice day everyone :)

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