Napzor 2 - The Flurry by Napzor
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : US - Arena Tournament
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Napzor's Arena Team 1
Marmeladex Napzor
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Napzor's Arena Team 2
Viperzlol Marvz/Audaciter/Shez Napzor
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First of all, hello and welcome to my second video, where constructive criticism is appreciated, and haters get trolled. QQers STAY OUT!

This footage (all of it) is taken on a private server called Arena Tournament, and before you hate, this is the best private server (WOTLK) with great players base and very high skill cap. The gear and weapons are all transmogrification of S8, and therefore have the same stats as Wrathful gear (T2 weapons). I'm Dreanei, and I'm using model edit into Orc (if you want to learn more about it, whisp me).

After a lot of Sony Vegas fails (fu Vegas) I bring you Napzor 2 - The Flurry. It consists of 3s (Awar/Hpal/Enh) vs various counters, and one long (but funny) 2s match (mage/enhance vs war/hpal) with Marm.

Song list:
1. Linkin Park - Hit the Floor
2. Disturbed - Stupify
3. Thousand Foot Krutch - Fire it up
4. Corroded - Bleed
5. Burning Yesterday - Fear
6. Disturbed - Inside the Fire

*Note: NONE of the tracks used in the video is mine! This video is only for entertainment, and the tracks are not used commercially!

Addons used in the video:
Lose Control
Tidy Plates
Sexy Map
Range Display
Buff Plates
Party Abilitiy Bars

I'd also like to thank to Mamut, Slinac, Viperzlol and all the other people i didn't mention that helped me with the project. Love ya all.
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