Viper 1 - MM Random Bg's Codename Roofio by Viper
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Tichondrius ( Bloodlust )
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********Youtube 1080p stream now up *********
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Hi my name is Alex. My main is a Hunter, I have been playing WoW since late Vanilla.
I started Pvping in s3 on my priest, then in WotLK on my Hunter and havn't looked back.
I don't arena that much and when I do its just for lols with friends. I spend my time on WoW Qqqueing random bg's. When I stop having fun I log off, simple as that.

This video was recorded over 2 days, I spent countless hours selecting the clips that i thought were entertaining (errr made me look gud). There were many clips with bigger crits but they were just boring.

What to expect from this Video
-Less than perfect game play.
-Lighty edited BG scenes.
-Hunter Pvp ( If you don't like Hunter pvp then don't watch)
-Dead mages 8)

What NOT to expect from this video
-PERFECT game play
-Me calling openents rats (BrainD) , me yelling GET SHIT ON! (bags) every time i land a killing blow, me telling you about upcoming spells in MoP that are live in game (sWifty)

Songs used are listed in order in the video, I tried to mix it up. I only used songs that I like.

Programs used are in the Credits

Thank you for your time,
Viper aka Alex
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