Solid Gaming vs Dragon Soul Heroic - The Journey by Batti
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - The Maelstrom ( Rampage )
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Our tribute film to the guild and everyone who helped us along the way.

"Due to mixed reasons, Solid Gaming have officially retired from raiding in this expansion. It was a great journey and we are proud of what we have accomplished eventhough the odds always was against us. We went from starting raiding mid tier 12 as server rank 40+ to achieving a server rank 4 kill on Spine of Deathwing and bringing Madness of Deathwing down to 2% the following week. However, with the continous 5% nerfs, questionable encounter design and lack of motivation from our core members we no longer had the desire to keep on going. " -March 25, 2012
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