Lopo TBC Arena-Tournament PR, RMP, SPR by Queshady
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Queshady's Arena Team 1
Lopo Trance aka Lethalx
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Queshady's Arena Team 2
Pashka Lopo Trance aka Lethalx
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Queshady's Arena Team 3
Lopo Reinfeldt
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Well, first of all this movie was released only on youtube before cus it was for friends and lols, now im not ,,glory hunting,, I just want to promote the TBC server of Arena-Tournament, wich is rly good in terms of buggs and stuff. And if you happen to like the movie it self, thats one more +. Also I hope I bring nostalgia to you, so you join the server maybe and make it more fun and competitive.

Link to youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utCjCl9Zk6Q
Link to the server: http://www.arena-tournament.com/

Heres the original description now :P

Ahhh ok...So this is it...My first movie, for those who dont wana read the descritption or just wants to read it to flame, dont bother you know where the play button is. As I said this is my first movie, made for fun, friends and those who miss the good old TBC days :P
Movie was recorded on Arena-Tournament TBC server, ye I know low competition, but once again it was made for fun and lols. All the games were played without skype, so there will be some party chating xD. What to expect here :
-disc priest rogue 2v2
-shadow priest rogue 2v2 (im new to sp)
-few 3v3 games as RMP
People that I played with in this movie are Trance and Reinfeldt, both good friends of mine, and good players. I tryed to put good oponents in this movie, but ofc not all have the same defenition of ,,good,, so keep that to yourself. I puted songs that I personaly like, so if u dont like them, mute and put your tunes on. Another thing that you will notice, is the www.bandicam.com watermark, its there cus....cba buying software seriously.
Well, gues thats about it from me, I really hope you like the movie and that you have fun watching it, as I did making it.

P.S. Sorry for bad english :D


1. BlueFoundation-Bonfires_DnBRemixbySKT
3. DJ Korsakoff - My Empty Bottle
4. Blue Stahli-The Pure And The Tainted
5. Duying Diva - Murder Avenue
6. KG - The Day She Walked Away (Ft. Victoria Port)
7. Hollywood Undead - Levitate (Remixed for Shift 2 Unleashed)
8. Celldweller - Ursa Minor (Electron Mix)
9. Pendulum-Witchcraft
10. Toby Mac - Ignation
11. Birthright (Birthwrong Remix by Blue Stahli) by Celldweller
12. Kraddy- Android Porn
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