World of NarutoCraft z by Eternius
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Dun Modr ( Crueldad )
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Movie Summary
yeah people you like DbZ and naruto series??! So yes!!! there's a pvp movie with a bit of that lovely old anime..

What to Expect:

Naruto escenes and habilities
Dragon ball z sounds habilities
Mecha Sonic Voice yes!!!
Dragon breath customized sound Wew..
Agressive PVP Fire Mage
Undead mage yes!!!
Tol Barad escenes and pvp outdoor

What to not Expect:

Hypermegajiga skilled class
Hypermega editation
Pro Player
Frost Mage Ice lance spam
Arenas, BGR.

I hope you entertaining

Thx you For watching
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