Laarah 4 - Shaman Resto Arenas WOTLK by Dastox
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : US - Arena Tournament
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Dastox's Arena Team 1
Nagruhs Laarah
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Dastox's Arena Team 2
Pimbai Nagruhs Laarah
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This is my forth pvp movie with my shaman. I have been playing wotlk since i stop playing Cataclysm cuz me and my friends enjoyed wotlk way more.

This movie is mode for entertaining and contain my playing as resto shaman with some of my friends doing some 2v2 and 3v3s.

I didn't want to include some matchups like Hpala warrior or warrior Rdruid, those matches are way to long and this movie is already 32 minutes long.

I hope you guys could enjoy this movie, i put some efforts and im open for some constructive criticism.

Have fun watching it

My addons:

-Vuhdo (to see my and friendly's healthbar)
-Cooling (to track cooldowns)
-Gladius (arena enemy frames)
-Gladiminish (DR)
-PAB (party ability bars: to track cooldown of friendly's cooldowns)
-Interruptbar (modified by me)
-LoseControl (CC)
-Omni_cc (timer)
-Shared media (to add libraries for some addons)

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