Carrastealth 80 vs 85 by Carrastealth
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Shattered Hand ( Ruin )
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Movie Summary
NOTE: I don't claim to be SUPER SKILLED or GLAD MATERIAL! This is just for fun :) Hope you enjoy it.

The comments that started it all

"To be honest wow pvp videos died out, No one does crazy sh** anymore like back in the day.

TheLadmir 2 weeks ago

You do realize that the lack of awesome videos isn't due to the video makers getting lazy or losing motivation, it's because the game doesn't ALLOW us to do what we did back in the day. It's impossible for me to do Skill v Gear videos because healthpools are too high now, no one bothers actually going out into the World anymore, because there's dungeon finder and all the other junk that makes the game so convenient you never have to leave Stormwind. Blame Blizzard, not us.

MercaderGaming in reply to TheLadmir 2 weeks ago"

Here's something crazy then.... hope it does for those that watch it, what watching Warcraft videos back in the day did for me. Have fun everyone.

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