Mists of Pandaria Brewmaster tanking tutorial - commentary by Eatmopie
Class: Monk | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Kael'thas ( Rampage )
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Mists of Pandaria Brewmaster tanking tutorial - commentary
Here it is an update for you future monk tanks out there. My goal is to help you
L2P the brewmaster spec I have done a few videos from previous beta builds going over
the majority of mechanics so this video is more of a hands on approach once you reach
lvl 90. It also will show you the New Improved Heroic Scarlet Monastery if you haven't see it.
Some quick notes:
By the last teir of Mists of Pandaria Raiding we may have tanks tipping the 1,000,000 HP range
Stat priority for Brewmasters:
Gem Mastery over everything else I am partial to Mastery/Stam gems but I also have some
Agility gems in there we do not have access to the new gems yet so I will make a in depth
gem guide for monks once we have the new JC recipes.

Reforging: Mastery>Hit=Expertise>Dodge=Parry>haste and that is about it.

Enchants: I do not have a lot of mats for the new enchants however on my weapon I am using
Colossus which has a chance on hit to give you an absorb shield for 7,500 damage.

2h weapon for brewmaster tanks, dw will not affect you the way it does with DKS but you
will have more stats on a 2h weapon in most cases. The damage is about the same.

Below is a Link to my talent/glyph build I have done videos for each of those in the past as well.

As you can see Brewmaster pvp is not really viable right because the lack of burst, I
think it will get much better closer to the end of beta.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I will do my best to get back to you.

Thanks Again for watching, liking, and subbing!!!
Talent Build link:
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