World of Warcraft Arenas - Rogue POV - I really like to lose by DaBausseGaming
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Darkspear ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Hey guys, what's up! I'm going to be reuploading my Tehbausse 1 Montage sometime in the near future: This week, specifically.
I Hope you guys enjoyed the video, and don't forget to throw it a thumbs up if you did or let me know down in the comments below!
The Feedback is amazing :D.
I'll also be uploading the rest of the L4D2 Versus mode for those of you who found it comical and wanted to see the rest.
These games are rather intricate, might I say so myself. :p
Thanks a ton for watching, and to help the channel grow, recruit more Bausses by sending my videos to your friends!

My Channel:
Follow me on TWITTER! -!/Dabausse1

Permission to use the following music granted by wonderful people!
First Song: Lights - Siberia (Alex Klingle remix) - LISTEN HERE!
Their Channel!

Song #2: After Dark - MachinimaSound -

If you guys know any small bands, or any bands that are willing to send me their copyright permissions, send me a PM with their youtube channel, Twitter, or Facebook.
I'd greatly appreciate it as I always need a plethora of music.. I'm constantly reusing what I have to my disposal, although great, just over-using it!
I'd love to help any small bands grow their audience by using their music!

My Main armory link:
Alt Rogue Armory:

Editing Information:
I use Sony Vegas Pro 11 to edit all of my videos, I use Fraps to record.


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