Farewell, World of Warcraft by Shamadamun
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I want to start off by saying this is in no way intentional to bash WoW, but simply to thank it for the experiences it's given me.

I had always taken long breaks from the game, but I know now that It's time for me to move on, and finally allow my characters to get the rest they so deserve.

I could just unsubscribe and scurry out the door, unnoticed, like a small mouse, but after 5 years of playing WoW it just didn't feel right - I wanted to leave with a "bang"

Please note, deleting my characters had nothing to do with eliminating the temptation of coming back, it was simply a symbol for finally ending all my characters' journeys - like bringing a conclusion to a wonderful book.

I want to thank Blizzard for allowing me such a magical experience, and the players that made that experience even better. Thanks for taking the time to watch, and one last time...

Farewell, World of Warcraft.
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