[RP-WPVP - 5 on 12] - War is Hellfire by Return
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Emerald Dream ( Shadowburn )
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Backstory: WSB is a huge guild hordeside on Emerald Dream. They're general known as zergers, cowards, and bad players. They're favorite move is to bring overwhelming numbers to small skirmishes and wipe them out completely.

Enter our video's main character, and his 5s team, running games and afking in hellfire. Return sees a group of WSB attacking Honor Hold, which leads to some great WPVP ganking and an eventual fight (the climax of this video) in which aforementioned 5s team fights 12 members of WSB at the same time, many of whom die and rez. Over the course of this 3 minute skirmish, lots of WSB fall, lots more back-peddle, and possibly the best 5 on 12 fight in history unfolds.

Break in the middle for a 5s game which we were queuing for at the time, a team with some no-name rogue called Original.


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