Priest Solo XT002 HM by zsun44
Class: Priest | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Barthilas ( Bloodlust )
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Due to the strict enrage timer, I've decided to change races to goblin, as well as temporarily changing my name to Mindspiker

Welcome to yet another pinnacle of shadow priest soloing! This time it is XT-002 Deconstructor hard mode (Heartbreaker achievement). As you may have noticed from the above notice, the boss has a rather strict enrage timer of 10mins, which means the fight is not only about endurance, but is also a DPS race.

The hard mode is triggered when the heart of the boss is destroyed during the heart phase, which occurs when the boss reaches 75% health. After the heart is destroyed the boss's health will be fully restored as well as having his maximum health increased by 75%. Additionally, the boss also gains a buff called "Heartbreak", which increases the boss's damage by 15%. At this point it is now just a single phase fight all the way till the end.

The first phase involves getting the boss down to 75%, and this should be done as quickly as possible with minimal healing. Only cast hard heals during Tympanic Tantrum.

Once the boss reaches 75%, the heart phase will begin. During this phase his heart will appear, and the main priority at this time is to completely destroy the heart in as little time as possible. While the heart is alive, adds will spawn from the 3 furthest corners from the boss. The longer the heart stays alive, the more adds will spawn, and hence it is critical the heart goes down asap. There are 2 types of adds that can spawn during this phase. The first type of add is the PummelLer, this is a typical add that has around 300k health and has a knockback ability. The second type of add is a bomb bot surrounded by five scrapbots. They move towards the boss to heal it. Ignore these adds till the heart is destroyed.

Once the heart is destroyed, the real boss fight begins. Begin by killing whatever adds is leftover from the heart phase. Once they are down, its just a matter of dealing with 2 mechanics.

The first mechanic is Tympanic Tantrum. The boss will continue to use channel this once every minute in hard mode and the damage is about 10% higher compared to normal. There are two ways to deal with this mechanic. The first method is to use dispersion to absorb most of the damage, while the second method is to simply heal through it (or if specced into, use Desperate Prayer). Since both Dispersion and Desperate Prayer are on 2 minute CDs, the availability of at least 1 cooldown is guaranteed for every Tantrum if rotated properly.

The second mechanic is Searing Light. This is a debuff that is placed on the player approximately every 20 seconds. The debuff itself lasts 9 seconds and deals a light amount of damage per second. Upon expiry, a Life Spark add will spawn. It has around 50k health and deals a mini chain lightning that does around 7k per hit. It also places a debuff that does around 500 damage which stacks for every Life Spark alive. The Life Spark must be killed as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary damage.

The boss also has a third mechanic, Gravity Bomb, which also leaves a debuff and places a void zone on the ground upon expiry. However this mechanic is never used on the tank hence not applicable when soloing.

Overall the fight is very intensive in terms of both DPS and healing requirements due to the strict enrage timer and high boss damage. Heroic DS gear is definitely recommended for this fight, along with vast amount of patience and calm attitude towards continuous wiping.
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