II The Shinobi Chronicles: Episode 2: Death and Life by TouÁh
Class: Multiple | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Episode 2, of 'The Shinobi Chronicles', produced by II, a rogue focused hitman guild on Outland EU.


[11 years after the death of Vukdar and Spree.
The remaining One Shinobi, 'Touch' as he is now known, wanders
the plains of Azeroth looking for meaning and harmony in his
existence, opting for a secluded oneness with nature.

With his former Sensei Bill deceased and also his brother One lost, his
only company is via meditation. After removing his masters eye band and
wearing it himself he has gained the ability to contact Bill via the spiritual plain.

His messages have become ever more regular,
and now he brings a path to light for the broken Shinobi 'Touch'...]


A Rogue PvP Guild.

Recruiting. See Channel Info For Details.

1. Are the fights staged?
No they are actual gameplay fights that were not planned. Cutscenes are occaisonally added afterwards on agreement with the victim.

2. Does the guild exist?
Yes, we are recruiting, the actual guild is a social pvp based guild, where its members and friends occaisonally turn to creating an episode. If you are a rogue or druid, friendly, and skilled. Track us down, that is your first trial. /w Touch to find out more.

3. Are the stories real?
The stories arise from real events, and attitudes on the server. They are then dramatised and formed into an episode.

[]DISCLAIMER[] This entire film is best experienced with large quantities of Purple Lotus, the kind found in the secret vallies of Mount Hyjal.
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