Vanguards vs RMP BURST by Vanguards
Class: Unknown | Category: PvP | Server : US - Arena Tournament
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RMP burst can be hard to deal with. This is a video of me playing some Ret Dk Priest as we fight a rank 1 RMP on the TR. MMR was at 2400-2590 which was in the top 10 range. Hope you guys enjoy!

Script for PvP Arena Trinket Cooldowns - You must enter it in the order shown. For Macro 4 either use it as a macro or type it as two separate /run.

ZT1 (Arena Trinkets 1-5)
/run USS="UNIT_SPELLCAST_SUCCEEDED";OE="OnEvent";PvP="Interface\\Icons\\inv_jewelry_trinketpvp_01";F="Frame";CF=CreateFrame;BO="Border";PvPT="PvP Trinket";EMFH="Every Man for Himself";UC=UnitClass;AE="ArenaEnemyFrame"
/run function TrS(f,x,y,cd,T,s,h,n) f:SetPoint("LEFT",AE..n,"Right",x,y)f:SetSize(s,s)f.c=CF("Cooldown",cd)f.c:SetAllPoints(f)f.t=f:CreateTexture(nil,BO)f.t:SetAllPoints()f.t:SetTexture(T);if h then end f:RegisterEvent(USS) end
/run function Tr(f,cd,U,N,T)if(U==T and (N==PvPT or N==EMFH))then f:Show();CooldownFrame_SetTimer(cd,GetTime(),120,1) C=UC(T)end end
/run t1=CF(F);TrS(t1,0,0,"cd1",PvP,28,true,1);t2=CF(F);TrS(t2,0,0,"cd2",PvP,28,true,2);t3=CF(F)TrS(t3,0,0,"cd3",PvP,28,true,3)
/run V={B="ArenaEnemyFrame"} for i=1,5 do _G[V.B..i]:SetScale(1.23); end;
/run t1:SetScript(OE,function(_,_,U,N)Tr(t1,cd1,U,N,"arena1")end);t2:SetScript(OE,function(_,_,U,N)Tr(t2,cd2,U,N,"arena2")end);t3:SetScript(OE,function(_,_,U,N)Tr(t3,cd3,U,N,"arena3")end)

Song: Fonik - Oblivion

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