Ragemakers by Faylum
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Defias Brotherhood ( Rampage )
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This video covers everything from Aerial Kills, Solo Ganks, Lowbie Shanking, Group Kills, City Raids, City Defense, Griefing, Premade vs Premade farming, 15 man Guild AV Blockades, Guild Wars, Darkmoon Faire Arena, Teabagging, Skirmishes, Tol' Barad, Graveyard Camping (In BG's and WPvP), Rooftop Fighting, Sieges, Invasions, Hunting, Fun Games, Competitions, Races, Death Jumps, LvL1's vs North Sea Kraken, Shadowing, Glitching, Bot Killing, Ganking ERPers, LoLing and Some EpiC Pictures of Ragers.

This is the last video i make until at least the second week of the patch. The video is a farewell to the longest Season of all time and one of the most boring, it is a salute to my Guildies for 9months of solid WPvP and it is a video for all the bloodthirsty pvpers.

All of what you see is on a live server, one of the best now in Europe. It is a Role Play Server which is why there is so much drama but we are not RPers, we're gankers and WPvPers. A Bunch of Campers does not salute the dead or care for its victims, we are a true Horde guild which hungers for meat regularly. Don't expect us to have a soul.

The Rage pictures are to show players what they can expect for wanting to PvP on a RPPvP server, the ones to do with the forums are from a Thread made by our Realms RP Community in order to have us banned and removed off the realm. Since joining the realm we have been harassed and abused on a scale most players just cannot imagine. However we are Horde and a world without Sadness, Suffering and Death isn't worth living for. So we ignore the Drama and stick to WPvP.

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Hope you enjoyed the video, i know it's a monster but i had fun making it and i guess it just needed to be shown as big as it is.

Music in Order:

Nightwish - The Poet And The Pendulum (Instrumental)
Celldweller - Eon(Paul Udarov Remix)
Static-X - Push it
Static-X - Get to the Gone
Atmospheric Light (Unreleased Demo)
Barcelona - Please Don't Go
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