Madguy level 60 firemage wotlk pvp by Maadguy
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Maadguy's Arena Team 1
Madguy Akzeriutth
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First of all, this is my second pvp movie only, and my editing skills are still very limited, so please dont be harsh on this ;)

Be aware of the fact that this was recorded on a wotlk level 60 private server, but please dont downrate just because of that, give it a chance.
The mage's clips were with Bis, the rogue was in blue pvp gear, and the hunter was in T0, with no pet and for most of the duels no trinket due to a bug that was fixed a few hours later.
Also note that this server allows an all race / class combinaison (with a patch), and that my rogue is an human, i just model edit.

You can find the server at :
Come and join the community!!

What to expect :
World PVP
Slow motions
Boomkin feast

Kyle Andrews-Bombs Away
Stan SB-Compromise
Nine lashes-Anthem of the lonely
Infected Mushroom - Army of Mushrooms mix
Sounds-Lyn Collins-Rock Me Again And Again

Killing Spree
Elphie's Interrupt Say
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