Megapull - Legacy by Megapull
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Bloodscalp ( Blackout )
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So, this is the movie I wanted to edit for weeks, but I couldn't. Instead, I had to make it under 2 days, and I tried uploading for 3 more days...

Contents (in order):

Outdoor ganking
Being mean to alliance
Some 3v1-4v1 kills
Skill capped 2v2 arena
Oldschool gank clips
Huge crits

I hope you enjoy it. Also, this is not a showcase of my skills by any means, and yes, I know that some of my opponents lack gear or a bit of skill, but watch the ending for a reason.

It contains tribute flicks to the players inspiring me the most.
These are, in order of appearance:

Usage of a disclaimer: Maydie
Reenacted intro scene: Grim
Papa Roach - Not Listening: Vurtne
Stage titles: Vurtne
Soilwork - Distortion Sleep (Plus obvious orc hunter): Sazabi
Weird dancing: Vurtne
YMCA: Vurtne
Soil - Halo: Unbreakable & Pat
Rise Against: Tip the Scales: Sazabi
Bad Boys oldschool ganking: Grim
Ending: Grim
Crit montage: Earthmonk
80's music and credit roll slideshow: World of Roguecraft

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