Part 1 - 10 DKs vs Dragon Soul by raegwyn
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Onyxia ( Raserei )
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Sign up for 25 DKs vs DS HC on 12.09.2012:
Part 2 here:

My Guild is still recruiting for Mop (german only): (Thx to Xurion for joining this raid)

Well actually its not 10 but 8-9 dks on most bosses.
This was done in 4.3.4 a few days before 5.0 hit and changed anything

Since we couldnt do it crossrealm it was hard to get even those 9 DKs and most of them were twinks or badly undergeared. We still managed to do 4/8 on heroic what was more than i expected.
With 10 highly geared DKs pretty much anything (maybe except spine) should work thats why i plan to do 25 dks vs DS HC soon (you can still sign up for it link above)

This part includes:

Morchok HC: We decided to tank them at the same spot for cleave dmg and stuff but actually that just made it harder for us and killed me, nvm we killed it :D

Yorsajh HC: Much much easier than with normal setup because we could completly ignore Blue and purple blobs since they dont affect DKs

Zonozz HC: Hardest boss of the whole run. We had big enrage problems on our first attemps since we only were 9 while pretty much anyone couldnt really dps because they were running after the sphere.
After we changed the tactic to bounce the sphere from left to right throught the boss (as in the vid) dps worked fine but surviving bounces + bosshits + breaths as tank was fkin hard... even for me.

Hagara Nhc: non heroic because on heroic we couldnt handle frost phase fast enough to prevent people dying from snowflake. should work with 10 well geared DKs or a different tactic though

songs: Blue Stahli - Anti You
Celldweller - Frozen
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Vedrim - Flying solo
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