The Return by Faylum
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Defias Brotherhood ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
This video shows the return of our Guild, A Bunch of Campers, Europe's Greatest WPvP Solution. We Return back into MoP with a monster movie full with everything a wpvper needs to stay healthy. With our usual trademarks we deliver a sever blow to our realm Defias Brotherhood Eu.

You'll see Aerial Kills, Hardshell Knockouts, Large Scale Skirmishes, Server Events, City Raids, Rooftop Fighting, Glitching, Underwater Kills, Death Jumps, Solo Ganking, Leveling Up PvP, Group Ganks, Teabagging, Griefing, Yelling, Quest Hub Blockades, PvP Vendor Blockades, Guild Wars and some things i have no names for.

Watch, Enjoy and Relax as we do the hard work for you. A Bunch of Campers presents to you a few days of Hell for those in our way.

(To those who wish to join us on Defias Brotherhood you will need a Distinguished History in WPvP & PvP and a Love for Violence & Chaos)

Music In Order:

Audiomachine - Guardians at the Gate
Audiomachine - Sands of Time
Blue Stahli - 88 Rounds Per Minute
Russian Circles - Harper Lewis
Sucker Punch - Army of Me [Sucker Punch Remix] - Björk (feat. Skunk Anansie)
ZARDONIC - Metal Up Your Bass (revAMPED Edition)
Blue Stahli - Corner (Remix by EveryStyler feat. Paul Udarov)
Nine Inch Nails - In This Twilight (Year Zero Album)

Viva La WPvP
FoR T3H HorDe!!!
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