Insane RvR (Arena Tournament) by Perplexity
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Movie Summary
Insane RvR featuring Acidtrips and myself (Perp), recorded on (3.3.5)

This was filmed & edited over the course of a few hours

Disclaimer: (regarding current meta of RvR) Due to the high quality of the AT server, most players have extremely low ping - that coupled with the fact the delays on abilities (namely vanish) have very little delay (compared to retail) makes it pretty difficult to pull off things like vanishing blind, purely from player reaction speed. Myself and Acid decided to make this to showcase some of our duels, as they're pretty entertaining apparently ^__^ Add us on AT if you'd like to duel us or have any questions!

This movie features absolutely no predicting and includes things like;

- Deathing blind/saps with sapper charge (engi)
- Vanishing cheap shots/saps/kidneys/blinds/gouges
- Dance saps/cheaps on enemy vanish/trinket
- CCing trinkets
- Blinding vanish (not a bug (some like to think on AT), simply waiting for the enemy to predict your blind and pre-vanish, only to get blinded right after.) and other CCs

(For people that think they were! Proof duels weren't set up:

Acid has over 32k duel wins and is by far imo the best duelist in the game.

Lynx - Mariachi
Future Prophecies - Black Dragon

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