Coup de Grace - 10A Vs. 40H by Premonition
Class: Unknown | Category: PvP | Server : US - Gorefiend ( Vindication )
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Movie Summary
Synopsis: Few friends who used to be in Precision had always joked that an inevitable day where an ambush of this magnitude would occur. Upon rerolling, they made it happen.

Description: Ten players (Alliance) and a few others who did not participate but was involved in the planning process, setup and executed a coup de grace, totally wiping out forty players (Horde).

The location of the ambush was selected to ensure maximum 'griefage' by having the killed players walk from the furthest graveyard possible (Searing Gorge instead of Kargath)

Comments: Credit goes to Xinterp and his guild for being the biggest embarassment on our server. For all the Xinterp or aka Interpolation fans, he gets to die in this video. Enjoy.

Credits: Planner - Threats, Filmer - Rockker, Second Filmer - Iniak
Sinister Guild

Rockker (First Filmer) says: The mod is Reborn UI.
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