[World 1st] Warlock solo Lord Jaraxxus HC (TotC10) by Aventura
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Burning Legion ( Bloodlust )
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26th October 2012, Patch 5.0.5 ● Burning Legion EU - Aventurka
Demonology + Voidlord ● 464 iLvL
Talents: Harvest Life, Mortal Coil, Dark Bargain, Unbound Will, Grimoire of Supremacy, Archimonde's Vengeance
Glyphs: Demon Hunting, Imp Swarm, Demon Training

Difficulty: ★★★ Medium

Boss is tanked by a Voidlord. You have to watch out for two skills of Lord Jaraxxus. He will summon Nether Portals and Infernal Volcanos which will spawn adds until destroyed. You will have to destroy the portal or volcano as soon as possible (use cooldowns that increase dmg done)! Mistress of Pain will be spawned from the portal. She will interrupt your spells, so you will need to use instant spells (Metamorphosis and Dark Apotheosis works here perfect). You need to tank her to not become a victim of Spinning Pain Spike (inflicts high Physical dmg based on the target's maximum health - this is deadly). Felflame Infernals will be spawned from the volcano. They just deal a lot of damage - the faster you kill them, the better. Remember to not stand in fire! Good Luck and Have Fun!

This is the world first documented Warlock solo kill of Lord Jaraxxus on Heroic Difficulty (10-man)

More solo kills: http://www.youtube.com/user/AventuraStudio

My UI: http://i.minus.com/ibyOfUKi4407x2.png + ForteXorcist for cooldowns
Music: Imperativa - Immediate Music
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