Viskius - 70 Destruction PvP by Vis
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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Vis's Arena Team 1
Viskius Rombree
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This movie is meant to be for entertainment, expect to see mistakes ! :)

Hey guyz !

This is my last cataclysm movie and probably the last movie of one of my character because I'm no longer in the game since MOP release.
So, this is a PvP movie from the 70/74 Xp-OFF braquet. Well, everyone knows this braquet is very unbalanced and populated by tons of retard' mages and rogues. Anyway ! This braquet still very fun and I really enjoyed to play my little lock !

What to expect ?

-Destruction warlock playing with Felhunter.
-2V2 as destro/elemental(Low mmr~1700.
This comp is not viable in this braquet, but it still fun !)
-Some fresh or rarely used songs (I guess).
-Some kind of machinima to introduce bg's and arena parts. (You can skip it if you want).

What to not expect ?

-Engineering (I think Tazik/Synapse don't take any skill in this braquet).
-3V3 (I'll speak about it later).

So basically, I wanted to do a big movie with a full storyline/machinimas/duelz and 3V3 as destro/destro/disc. But finally I couldn't because of a lack of time to record everything I needed. Anyway, I'm really satisfied by this movie, so I hope you'll enjoy ! :)

Tracklist :

-Spcer - Hohto
-Heavy Rain Soundtrack
-Drowning Pool - The man without fear
-Breach The Void - Propagate
-Rise to fall - Kill the reason
-Universum - Mortuus Machina
-RTPN - Own little world (remix)
-RTPN - Aftershock
-Solitude - Oceans away
-Solitude - Ricochet
-ACDC - If you want blood

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