Spinezlol I Arena/Dueling Vid (Arena-Tournament) by Veno
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Veno's Arena Team 1
Robbiexd Spinezlol
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Welcome to my first video!

I started this project quite a while ago and was frapsing some stuff just for fun, but I decided to step up and complete it. I was lucky to find a really good partner for 2s in the face of Robbie. He is the best mage I played with/against and we went almost 2400 with him wearing relentless + wrathful accesories. All of the footage is filmed on Arena- Tournament. If anyone feels like playing S8 I definitely recommend the server.

In the final product you can expect :

- 2v2 Arenas as Rogue/ FMage MMR ~ 2100 - 2400. A couple of games as Rogue/Spriest.

- Duels against Multiglad Rogue Perplexity from Stormscale EU aka Notunmercey.

- Duels against Shindoe (Lock playing with Bauble of True Blood and Duelist title)

- Duels against Varus (2300+ FMage) and Robbiexd

- Mistakes, we are by no means perfect

- Almost no editing

- Dubstep/ Progressive music

I'd like to express my thanks to Robbie for making this project possible and to Arena-Tournament for being the best 80 server out there.

Please bear in mind the video is not intended to showcase skill and contains mistakes. It is for pure entertainment purposes.

Songlist ( in order of appearance)

1. Tim Ismag feat. Astronaut - Feel Me (Vocal Edit)
2. O.A.E. - Call Me
3. Metrik - Engine Room
4. Klaypex - Hit Me
5. Morgan Page And Sultan & Ned Shepard & BT Feat. Angela McCluskey - In The Air (Radio Edit)
6. MiTiS - Again and Again
7. Tritonal - Still With Me (Ft. Cristina Soto) (Seven Lions Remix)

Ratings and comments are appreciated! I hope you guys enjoy the video!
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