Warlock solo Lady Vashj (SSC) by Aventura
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Burning Legion ( Bloodlust )
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1st November 2012, Patch 5.0.5 ● Burning Legion EU - Aventurka
Demonology + Wrathguard ● 464 iLvL
Talents: Harvest Life, Mortal Coil, Dark Bargain, Burning Rush, Grimoire of Supremacy, Archimonde's Vengeance
Glyphs: Demon Training, Imp Swarm, Dark Soul

Difficulty: ★★★ Medium

Boss and adds should be tanked by a Wrathguard. The first phase is very easy - just dps Lady Vashj. The second phase (at 70% of Boss HP) is more difficult. Vashj becomes immune to your dmg and adds starts to spawn. Try to kill as many Enchanted Elementals as you can, because if they reach to Lady Vashj, they increases her dmg done for the rest of the fight. You have to watch out for Tainted Elemental. He despawns after 15 seconds, so you need to quickly reach him (use Burning Rush). This add will cast Poison Spit on you, so you will know where he spawned. Tainted Elementals drops a Tainted Core when killed, which you will need to disable all 4 Shield Generators (1 Tainted Core = 1 disabled Shield Generator). Put Corruption on Coilfang Elite and Strider, and let your minion to kill them. Remember to stay away from Coilfang Strider, otherwise you will be feared. After deactivating all 4 Shield Generators (3rd phase), Lady Vashj is again vulnerable to your dmg. Now try to keep alive Wrathguard and nuke the Boss. Remember to not stand in poison on the ground! Good Luck and Have Fun!

More solo kills: http://www.youtube.com/user/AventuraStudio

My UI: http://i.minus.com/ibyOfUKi4407x2.png + ForteXorcist for cooldowns
Music: El Dorado - Two Steps From Hell
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