Wreckk & Ironhand #2 by Wreckk
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Wreckk's Arena Team 1
Ironhand Piroqt Wreckk
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Wreckk's Arena Team 2
Ironhand Wreckk Cptndickx
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Wreckk's Arena Team 3
Exizmp Wreckk Bilelx
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Disclaimer : All arenas are played with dmg reduction (these comps and some other 'faceroll' comps (Lsp / Lsd, Thundercleave, Atc, Beastcleave, mls / mld / mlp) had dmg reduction by the time to 'balance out' the game. (you will notice how my dmg is pretty low)
The reductions vary from 10-20%.

This video contains model editing. Mount swaps race changes and so on.
Shadowmourne is just model edit, It has Tier 2 wrathful weapon stats.

Hello this is our second video it didn't turn out what I had in mind, but I hope you will enjoy it. We didn't find any good and active partners :(. The games are pretty old so there are mistakes as we're playing without skype(You can see us typing) and some of the people are just random guys we met. I know that some of you will downrate it because it's old content (WoTLK) and I am aware that it's a bit too long and some people may not watch it all I am sorry I didn't want to delete all my past footage i'd rather make it into use (since people wanted to see more), just try n give it a chance ^^. Sorry for the messy UI at points :/ (Due to the clips being old my UI is total mess and at some clips it's too zoomed in, my keybinds and gameplay are old and bad and so on, But I've improved on all of this now).

We hope you enjoy our second video because we enjoyed making it
and we hope it's overall an improvement :C.

For those of you who wish to downrate please tell us why in the comments below so we can improve on it on our next vid(That is if you liked this one).

In these games we played with a Gladiator Warlock (Pirp/Pierot/Piroqt)
and two ~2900 shamans (Captndickx-Rival/2919 or so? , Blissx/Bilelx-2900)
And a random pally we found who has Wrathful Glad on his warrior but 1st time playing paladin ever (Exizmp) still gud xD

Few 2v2 matches
3s as Tcleave and WLP
Model editing

All the info about addons/music and everything else is at the end of the movie, But I will add them here too later on if it's needed.

If you have any questions about the video, my UI or model editing/warrior gameplay or if you have a request about anything feel free to PM me and I will try to help you out.

Enjoy :)
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