Mangofusion 1 - World Pvp in MoP by Mangos
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Tichondrius ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
**************READ PLEASE**************

This is strictly a WORLD PvP video. This video will include:

Some 1v1
More 1vX Clips than my previous vid.
Also what some may consider Ganking.

Shadow Priest perspective
I was level 85 and my opponents ranged from level 85-90 across all clips. (you can see theirs in the bottom left corner of there target frame)

Average and Noob opponents. You'll rarely find top tier arena players because they are in the arena maintaining their rank.

Editing is at a minimum (still learning with Vegas)

Wont include:


This video was made to entertain viewers that enjoy world pvp. My aim was to showcase some of Shadow Priests new mechanics/abilities as well as the new zones in MoP.

This was filmed in patch 5.0.5

Food buff used was Blackened Worg Steak so that "track humanoids" could help me find allys :D

This is my second video!!! If you enjoy it and would like to see me put more content out feel free to say so in the comment section! If you didn't enjoy it, please voice your opinion in an educated manner.

~Song list~

Ruins - Kenichiro Fukui
Time Station - Soichi Terada
In the Morning and Amazing... - Circa Survive
The Dream Club Murders - Dead Poetic
Avalon - Maduk
Hungover on Tuesday - Dredg
Raider Prayer (Instrumental) - SpaceGhostPurrp
Movement V: 90 Hour Sleep - Dredg

I understand not everyone will like my song choices. If this is the case, please mute and add you own soundtrack.

I included an upload to Youtube because the WCM stream didn't look so good :(. Youtube might end up taking it down for w/e reasons so if you want good quality, downloading is always the better choice


Like I stated in my previous vid, if you felt you could make a better video, I wholeheartedly ENCOURAGE IT!!! I as well as many of the WCM community love world pvp videos. SUPPORT WORLD PVP!

/end text

Thank you and enjoy.
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