WoW 3v3 Tournament Curse KOTH Week 7 by Vanguards
Class: Unknown | Category: PvP | Server : US - Arena Tournament
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Movie Summary
Week 7 VODs from the Curse King of the Hill Tournament.

The Teams:

Team 1: The Time is Now
Jahmilli - Mage
Vanguards - Retribution Paladin
Starship - Restoration Druid

"The Time is Now" currently has a 98% win record on Bloodlust, arguably the most competitive battlegroup in the US. This week I will be subbing in for Zaddo who cannot attend due to the hurricane. Zaddo should be back in around 1 to 2 weeks. Let's hope I won't be the weak link and stop "The Time is Now" team's 2 week win streak!

Team 2: Sam Kwok Blazin
Aesthetics - Retribution Paladin
Nikedunks - Hunter
Rahtal - Restoration Shaman

"Sam Kwok Blazin" is the current rank 1 team on Cyclone with an 81% win record. A Retribution Paladin + Hunter damage and crowd controls along with a Restoration Shaman's passive healing will make a tough challenge for any team. They have been told beforehand that they will be facing a Retribution Paladin instead of a Shadow Priest. Will they be able to end "The Time is Now" team's win streak?

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