World of Zenon 1: 19 to 90 Movie by WorldofZenon
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Bleeding Hollow ( Ruin )
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Movie Summary
WorldofZenon 1 - Contains some of my must Favorited moments of Twinking as a shaman in the 15-19 bracket. Along w/ some nice Crits from my Feral Druid. I BEAT SHAGALOON! haha! Na my class is far too OP. Much respect to you Shag. :P Why did I name it, 19 to 90? B/c it contains content from Twinking at 19 to end game arenas and battlegrounds on my 90 Feral Druid.

What you will see in Zenon 1:

1. Twinking (19) (Duels against lvl 40+ and Shag, Battlegrounds, etc)
2. Feral Druid (90) (High Rated Arena's, Battlegrounds, Crits, etc)

Editing time: around 9+ hours
Picture of my Sony Vegas Pro Screen:

Want to play with me? send a PM to:
[email protected]
w/ your [US] Real ID and I will get you in!
*For those who wonder, I play on Bleeding Hollow (US).

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