Priest Solo Atramedes by zsun44
Class: Priest | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Barthilas ( Bloodlust )
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Relevant Talents used:

Angelic Feather
Desperate Prayer
Divine Insight

iLvl: 490

This fight was executed rather poorly due to the fact that this was in fact my first blind attempt on this boss. Hence I had no real strategy aside from my knowledge of how to do this boss as a DPS back when it was current content. Based on this, I would say this boss is one of the easiest cata bosses to solo.

First thing of note is the sound meter. All of the special abilities (except for Searing Flame) used by the boss increases your sound meter. Luckily most of these abilities are avoidable. Having an increased sound level on your character means increased damage taken by certain boss abilities. In addition, when the sound meter reaches to its maximum, it's pretty much game over.

Inside the encounter area, there are gongs on both sides of the room. Using a gong will disorient the boss for a few seconds, causing him to take increased damage, as well as causing him to lose track of you, and resets your sound level to zero.

There are 2 phases to this fight. The ground phase is the normal phase. During this phase, the boss will use 4 abilities. First is the Sonar Pulse, which is a disc summoned at the boss's locaiton that will move slowly towards the player. Touching this disc will result in a slight increase in sound level. This can be easily avoided. The second ability is Sonic Breath. Getting hit by this breath increases sound level by 20, so 5 hits and it's game over. This breath is also avoidable simply by running towards the boss's sides. The third ability is Searing Flames. This is a channeled ability that causes raid wide damage as well as causing patches of fire to spawn. Conventionally it is ideal to use a gong to interrupt his channel, but at level 90, it is easily survivable without a gong. The final ability is Modulation. This ability also deals raid wide damage and increases sound level slightly. The higher the sound level, the more damage this ability deals.

The damage taken on the ground phase should be great enough to warrant Flash Heal spams. Renew, PoM (glyphed), DP (3 orbs), Desperate Prayer, and VE should be enough to keep up with heals. This means that there rarely will be a need to leave Shadowform, as long as sound level is kept to a minimum. Gong usage should be minimized for the ground phase.

During the air phase the boss will channel a beam that follows the player. The beam starts off slow, but its speed will pick up so eventually it cannot be outrun. Getting hit by the beam increases sound levels dramatically. So it is advised to use a gong when the beam is starting to move too fast to be outrun. Angelic Feathers are very useful in this phase as the extra speed boost facilitates the kiting of the beam. It is recommended that, unless there is a healing emergency, gongs should be used during the air phase.
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