Warlock solo Hodir HM (Ulduar10) by Aventura
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Burning Legion ( Bloodlust )
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19th November 2012, Patch 5.0.5 ● Burning Legion EU - Aventurka
Affliction + Voidlord ● 473 iLvL
Talents: Soul Leech, Mortal Coil, Dark Bargain, Burning Rush, Grimoire of Supremacy, Archimonde's Vengeance
Glyphs: Demon Training, Siphon Life, Soul Shards

Difficulty: ★★ Easy

Boss should be tanked by a Voidlord. Hard Mode requires to kill Hodir within 3 minutes. There are 4 NPCs frozen in Ice Blocks who can be freed by attacking the Ice Blocks. When freed, they will help you by attacking Hodir, casting spells to help you and providing beneficial buffs. To succeed you need to be always near the Starlight (beam) or Toasty Fire (campfire). In this fight you'll often run due to the Ice Shards falling from the ceiling and Biting Cold aura, so Kil'jaeden's Cunning talent is very useful (I forgot to change talents -.-'). Unbound Will talent is very useful in dispelling Freeze (immobilisation for 10sec similar to Frost Nova) after Flash Freeze (NPC, which removes it, will be frozen in Ice Block). When Hodir starts casting Flash Freeze, large icicle will begin to fall. The area where this icicle will fall is immediately marked by a mound of snow and a large white targeting circle on the ground. You should get next to, but NOT inside this large circle as soon as possible. After several seconds the large icicle will crash into the ground causing damage to anyone in the circle and knocking them 30 yards away. After the icicle has hit the ground, you have only a couple seconds to run into the circle where a large icicle has just fallen. Any NPCs or you who are not in large circle will be frozen in an Ice Block by the Flash Freeze. NPCs in Ice Blocks should be freed immediately prior to resuming dps on Hodir (I use DoTs). During Frozen Blows minion will need more healing. Good Luck and Have Fun!

More solo kills: http://www.youtube.com/user/AventuraStudio

My UI: http://i.minus.com/ibyOfUKi4407x2.png + ForteXorcist for cooldowns
Music: Timeline - X-Ray Dog
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