nDn 1 - Enhance 3s by ndnrenish
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : US - Misha ( Whirlwind )
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ndnrenish's Arena Team 1
Truewan Bleed ndnRenish
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ndnrenish's Arena Team 2
Firomaster Tupac ndnRenish
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Hey guys, ndnRenish here. This is my first video ever; don't see many Enh's out there so I wanted to start making some for the Shamanistic People out there.

The mmr range is around 1900-2200 as the season has just started for me. I gathered these clips w/in the past few days playing random 3s w/ some good friends. I understand not all the players we run into are glad material but I decided to rather put in clips which I thought were fun/entertaining rather then boring high rated play.

nDn 1 feat.:
Rogue: Bleed
Priest: Truewan
Warrior: Shane (Tupac/Dorfx)
Pally: Zack (Firomaster)
Shammy: Myself (ndnRenish)
Also a special thx to a guest appearance by Funtosmooch (ndn) and Truewanz (shammy)

As i mentioned earlier, this is first video so if you like it, well like it :)
and if you don't, plz let me know how I can Improve/add/remove anything on it for nDn 2

ps: If you wish to see any of these matches in it's entirety w/ skype only, they can be found on my channel: youtube.com/user/ndnrenish
If you would rather check me out live; my twitch channel is: http://www.twitch.tv/ndnrenish
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