To Remember by Faylum
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Defias Brotherhood ( Rampage )
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This video contains several hundred videos dating back to 2005. It is a Tribute video to every member we have ever had who mattered! Several Thousand people. As a Proud Guild Leader i made it my goal to include all the videos i could that held importance to all the various generation of Gankers.

I will not be returning to WoW ever again. For me too much has changed and too many of my friends have left. The newer people are not the same and could never compare to all the heroes who have come and gone. For me World of Warcraft was not about the game, i absolutely hated WoW. To me it was ONLY about my Friends, my Guildies. Its more important than self-made fame, glory or legacy. And without them i do feel lonely. We had a great time and i regret nothing.
There is not many Guild Leaders who can say they were arrested for Trolling... (Lol Teh Nostalgia) Nor is there anyone who can brag as much about WPvP as i can. We basically wrote the book that most modern day guilds use to effectively raid.

But the generation of gamers have changed, majority of the old players i knew have moved on or off. I built WPvP Communities on several Realms and had contact with almost every WPvP Guild in Europe at one stage but when WPvP got hit hard in Cata, everything fell apart.
MoP is a great expansion, it just came too late to undo the damage it had done to my world.

And so i must be moving on. I achieved some amazing things, made some outstanding friends and enjoyed some of the most awe-inspiring events. Our Guild names are like house hold names and no matter where we went we made it known. But we are the old breed. The Hate your Rival, without such outrageous self glorified trolling. The ones who challenged themselves and never asked for help.

My Friends call me the Grandfather of WPvP, well we cannot all live forever.

(What is Dead may never Die)

Music in Order:
Zack Hemsey - Facing Demons
Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life
Zack Hemsey - I'll Find A Way (Instrumental)
Zack Hemsey - Empty Room
Zack Hemsey - The Forgotten (Instrumental)
Zack Hemsey - The Way (Instrumental)

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*To Remember*
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