Spine of Deathwing solo - Impossible is Nothing - Alone in Dragon soul 6/8 by raegwyn
Class: Death Knight | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Mannoroth ( Blutdurst )
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This was the most annoying boss i have ever soloed in my whole gamer life.
and also by far the hardest one at lvl 90.

What makes this boss so hard isnt the constant left-right-left... running (whats already annoying enough)
it is the fact that 9/10 trys wipe because a tentacle randomly decides to stun you what causes a roll right after.
This boss took me more 90 trys to kill.
As i said most wipes occured because of tentacles randomly stunning.
another problem was the short hidden 15 min enragetime that kills you instantly.
and ofc my missing dps gear fucked it up sometimes too.
im pretty sure with a 517 itemlvl HC weapon it would be pretty easy to kill each plate with one phase. (what i didnt manage in any try even with extreme vengeance stacking)
but even with that this boss wouldnt be much simpler.
You cant really outgear spine what will make him one of the hardest level 90 solokills in the whole expansion.
i recommend anyone to not even think about trying him because its a total pain and very frustrating if you do anything perfectly and then you get stunned and wipe.
if you still decide to try it im gonna pray for you.

even after so many trys i didnt have a single "perfect" try in which i could kill each plate in 1 phase, never getting stunned, and never wasting a amalg.
If you look closely you can see that even in the killtry many things went not as they should have.

I have no idea why sometimes the tentacles stun you, what they shouldnt do because you are the tank, and sometimes they dont. if that "bug" wouldnt be there the boss wouldnt be such a big pain.

Mirror Image - Stepan Grytsay a very talented young violinist
check out his channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Velioz?feature=watch
(enjoy some culture!)
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