Forsaken Legion - Krasarang Wilds PvP by Avendesora
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Thunderhorn ( Vindication )
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Movie Summary
On PvE servers, unique PvP opportunities are available in Krasarang Wilds if one hires guard npcs to attack members of the opposite faction as they go about their daily quests.

We've found the reactions of players encountering these guards to be rather amusing, so I put together a video of what happened one day when a goblin hunter named Leptis and few others from the US-Thunderhorn guild Forsaken Legion had some fun in the mines while the Ruins of Ogudei dailies were up. Just some lighthearted, non-serious fun with guildies. :)

Music used:

Miklos Rozsa: Parade of the Charioteers (Ben-Hur)
Sergei Prokofiev: Peter's Theme (Peter & the Wolf)
Bela Bartok: Game of Pairs (Concerto for Orchestra, Mvt 2)
W. A. Mozart: Dies Irae (Requiem, K. 626)
Dmitri Shostakovich: Polka (Jazz Suite No. 1, Mvt 2)
Mark Petrie: Richat
Two Steps from Hell: Call to Arms
audiomachine - Judge & Jury (Prometheus Trailer)
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