Insane RvR 2 (Arena Tournament) by Perplexity
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Movie Summary
This movie drags Insane RvR 1's balls through broken glass and then serves them to a pack of rabid fire ants

If you don't enjoy watching RvR because you think it's generic & boring, please give this a chance anyway - we duel with this in mind and deliberately sculpt strategies to avoid this! (which is obviously why we think it's so dynamic and entertaining) This movie features absolutely no predicting and random usage of abilities.

Movie features;
- RvR at its pinnacle
- Deliberately manipulating the timing of spells (such as blinds and cheaps) so that they cannot be vanished (you must assume that a top rogue will have god reaction speeds)
- The metagame that surrounds the above
- 90% of the duels feature 3/4 chained tricks (such as death sap - vanish blind - vanish cheap - vanish cheap - blind trinket in the space of 2-3 seconds)
- Insanely quick reaction times (duels played at 20 ms)

I'm aware the editing sucks ass, I'm awful at it.

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