Cuthbert I - Arena Tournament by Cuthbertumad
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : US - Arena Tournament
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Cuthbertumad's Arena Team 1
Cuthbert Various
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Here's the external link (don't have a channel or shit, just better quality). Watch in HD!

Hi everyone! This is my first serious release, hope you enjoy.
All the clips come from Arena Tournament 3.3.5a, some of them from previous season, most of them from current one.

What to expect:
- Mostly 2s Arenas, Ret POV, various comps
- Decent opponents but no heroes (exp/mmr range is 2k - 2.2k)
- No skype gameplay (plans come while playing)
- Soft editing
- Great gaming music

Special thanks to:
- Vicarious (that no resi rog, old friend)
- Caelnes (fresh creative MM from LFG)

- Feint - Laurence
- Blue Stahli - Glitterati
- Gramatik - Born Ready
- Feint - The Things We've Seen
- Blue Stahli - Mystique
- Feint - Clockwork Hearts

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