Zots 4 by Zots
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Mug'thol ( Vengeance )
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A mix of Battleground crit shows and some 3v3 Arenas, this video is merely to be taken in as entertainment. Showing Arena clips are only there for those who prefer that style of PvP, not trying to show skill or whatever. I'm just a 1600 Warrior.

Mists of Pandaria added a lot of fun to how the warrior plays in comparison to Cataclysm. I avoided filming anything from patch 5.0 because first of all warriors were doing stupid amounts of damage and it's the release patch and Blizz hasn't had a chance to balance any of the new abilities(5 stacks of Taste for Blood was just dumb :P). Second is because I wanted to get all of my T1 before starting and Honor gear is crap, I'm sure players would rather see how much damage warriors can dish out when they're decked out in full epics!

As for Cooldowns.. yes I am popping them in just about every scene in the first half, that is what a crit show is. This is also why it is to be seen as purely entertainment. But that doesn't mean I will deny any and all feedback, infact I'd prefer it, though lets make it polite! :)

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Addons used:
Tidy Plates
BG Targets

Song list:
Ephixa - Turret Error
Tristam - Truth
DotEXE - Run Away From Me
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