Raise - In War - Combat 18/33/0 Swords by Raise
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
*June 20, 2006*

First I would like to say that I am not a dagger rogue and I never will be again after playing one.
I didn't really enjoy it much and maybe perhaps that has something to do with me being combat my whole time playing Raise trying different builds and finally settling with 18/33/0. I know combat isn't an exact preferred build for most PvPers, but I enjoy it. I also am not a engineer though I use DCR's. Those were provided to me by Atia and Lazygirl, the majority at least.

I have made other videos in the past but not seriously as this is, I left the server for a bit for personal reasons but found that I enjoyed playing on the server I first started on, Stormscale.

Took me a month but I finished my first pvp video. I was fairly new to movie makers in the past so movies I produced were practice. My main concern though was getting a movie finished before 1.11 and before I started working on setting up my gear more towards PvP. Most of my video fights consist of 1v1, mainly due to the fact I am still running off 512 currently and I tend to get lag spikes when encountering multiple players and running Fraps, but I do intend on upgrading eventually. Which is a plus side because the only problem I have fighting multiples is the memory lag alone. So getting my new cpu soon should fix that.

As for the video I suppose you could say I am slightly well geared but make no mistake I don't have all epics on nor is all my gear "top notch" at the moment. I just got back to playing a little while ago and most bosses I need something from decided they rather keep it!

The movie title is "In War..." a deviation as referring to "The Art of War". I spent sometime reading and listening up on it and very much well saw how it could apply to even a simple pvp game. What factors apply you would have to determine yourself in the situation you are in, but because this is a game, a highly unbalanced game, alot of the points in it will be of course flawed but never the less still useful.

I made this video part Pvp, Part introduction which is why I didn't spend a whole while editing it.

Video is 18:38 mins and 369.1 MB

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