Anamoorphic Boomkin PvP 5.1 by anamoorphic
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Greymane ( Shadowburn )
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Anamoorphic Stolichnaya
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"Anamoorphic and friends having fun in PvP"

Hey guys,

This is my first attempt at making a WoW PVP video. These clips were taken from a short recording sesh so dont expect the world lol. Also, I know the editing could use some work but I'd appreciate yall's comments. Negative or positive! Critique is always appreciated.

This video mostly displays the power of a Boomkin in 5.1. A couple huge crits, blanketing DoT's across the field, sick damage and healing combined. Showcases battlegrounds, arena, RBG, and a 1v3 situation. I believe that Boomies are under appreciated and underrepresented right now. Too bad Blizz is wrecking them next patch :-(

Till then... enjoy.

Thank you,

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